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Premium Rum & Coke BroCrate

  • The Premium Rum & Coke BroCrate features a classic drink and everything you need to make it. Featuring Rum, Coke, Popcorn, and beer, of course it is truly isn’t a rum and coke, unless he’s mixing it with a signature coke glass. This BroCrate is perfect for a night out or the after party, whoever is getting this BroCrate will truly appreciate this gift.

  • Cola - Six Bottles of Coca Cola: This gift set is presented with two bottles of Coca Cola. This classic soft drink brand has been refining their delightful recipe since 1886, creating a bold, sweet, and delicious product that is beloved the world over.

    Glass - Two Coke Glass: Enjoy your favorite soda in style with this Coca Cola branded drinking glass.

    Popcorn - Caramel Popcorn: Flavored popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared ensuring that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Dish - Popcorn Bowl: Enjoy your favorite popcorn in this fun and attractive bowl, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

    BroCrate - Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
fast delivery and great products

I was a bit worry that it won't be the same as the picture or it will arrive late. However it arrived on time and the presentation was even better than what I saw in the picture. Thank you.

happy with the purchase

We sent this gift crate to a young man who did some work in our home as a thank you. He didn't expect it, and really appreciated our thoughtfulness. Nice touch.

nice gift

I bought this for my Husband for his birthday and had it sent to his job and he loved it!!!! All the guys at work raved how great of a gift it was too!!!

Absolutely lovely

Got this as a celebration crate for a little family get-together. The drinks were enjoyable and refreshing and the evergreen combo of coke and popcorn was great. The items were sufficient for our family and we had a great time enjoying them. Mom loved the solid, sturdy crate which came as the container. I recommend it.

good product

My daughter and her husband loved receiving this beautiful and delicious Anniversary Gift Crate at their private little "get-away" celebration. Thank you so much for making this easy for us as well. We will definitely use Brocrates again.