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Ultimate Tequila BroCrate

  • The Ultimate Tequila BroCrate features tequila, chips, glasses, hot sauce, and margarita mix, the perfect addition to any party this summer. Looking to step up your next party? The Ultimate Tequila BroCrate has everything you need to kick off your next party and is the perfect gift to give this Cinco De Mayo.

  • Chips- Los Cantores Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips: Crafted from a family recipe passed down for generations, these crispy tortilla chips are delicious with the spiciest salsas. An authentic addition to Mexican dishes or a crunchy, salty anytime snack, they're a tasty pantry staple.

    Glass- Fish Bowl Glass: This giant cocktail glass is perfect for any drink to enjoy on a warm summer day and is perfect for holding any over-sized margaritas, daiquiris, and any other specialty drink.

    Hot Sauce- Boss Gourmet Hot Sauce: This big bad bold bottle brings the heat. Spiced with chipotle peppers, this smokey tasting hot sauce is a spice lovers dream.

    BroCrate- Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

BroCrates' Spirit Gift Crates

This BroCrate includes the bottle of liquor that is pictured above. If you wish you can upgrade your included spirit to any of the liquors listed in our Liquor & Spirits List. Several of the upgrade options are available at zero cost, and additional spirits, bottles of wine, beer, or Champagne, may be added to your BroCrate. Take a look at our selection from the dropdown menu above or contact our customer service representatives for more information about upgrading your alcohol.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Teagan Melendez
Love for tequila

Smirnoff manages to be one of my favorite vodkas and the other inclusions in the basket went well with it. The margarita gave many of my mocktails a lovely twist and a delicious makeover. The items maintained good quality and felt rich. A nice basket to chill with on a nice evening. So I would definitely recommend it.

Nathen Hensley
A great experience

I forgot my cousin's birthday and was reminded by someone on the very last moment. This basket did not only save my day by arriving on time as promised but also got me many praises for its admirable assortment. It was rather a fine quality. Thank you so much for this superb shopping experience. You have got a loyal customer in me now.

Rylie Fry
Well received

It was for a friend and he was quite happy to have received it. The assortment was attractive and exceptionally good for this price. Recommended.

John Riggs
very nice

Gift crate was received on time. My dad called very excited. We love Brocrates! Very good to send for any and all occasions. I will definitely do it again next year for birthdays and Christmas.

Karlie Oconnor
nice gift

I purchased this as a birthday gift for my Dad. We live overseas, so Brocrates is one of the best ways to give my parents something that I know they will enjoy. They both enjoyed Dad's birthday gift. My mom commented that she especially enjoyed the margarita mix, and that they were very glad that we had discovered Brocrates a few years ago, because they have also very much enjoyed the beer gift crates we've given them in the past.