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March 01, 2021

It’s almost that time of year again when we’re all a little bit Irish. With BroCrates you’re always sure to give a great gift for the occasion. We have plenty of gift grates loaded with gourmet food, great beer, premium liquor, and more. Celebrate the holiday the right way with a great BroCrate, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for a friend, family member, or colleague.

For many, St. Patrick’s Day is a time to let loose and enjoy some adult beverages with friends and family, and BroCrates has a lot of options to choose from for a St. Paddy’s gift crate. No matter if you’re looking for good whiskey, great beer, or gourmet food, BroCrates has you covered. Here are a few of our top St. Patrick’s Day gift crates:

St. Patrick’s Day Beer & Liquor BroCrate

Boasting beer, liquor, and food all in one crate, the St. Patrick’s Day Beer & Liquor BroCrate is like combining a full day of celebration into one great crate. It includes a bottle of premium liquor, cans of beer, meat, gourmet cheese, and much more. And all of our gift crates are customizable, meaning you can add more items, like additional bottles of liquor or extra gourmet treats. You can’t go wrong with this crate if you’re in need of a gift for a guy who likes to celebrate St. Paddy’s the traditional way.

The Premium Guinness Lover Gift Crate

There’s no beer that represents St. Patrick’s Day like Guinness does, and with The Premium Guinness Lover Gift Crate you can give that gift to a beer lover in your life. Boasting bottles of Guinness beer, a 64 oz beer growler, as well as a Guinness-branded ceramic stein and hat and a variety of gourmet snacks, this gift crate is perfect for adding a bit of flavor to the festivities. It’s perfect for any Guinness lover and features several fun Guinness-themed items that they’ll keep and treasure for years.

Premium Half Yard of Beer BroCrate

The perfect gift for a beer nut, the Premium Half Yard of Beer BroCrate includes beer, gourmet snacks, glassware and more. Boasting a unique half-yard beer glass, kitchenware, tasty snacks, and of course, beer, this gift crate is a wonderful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with someone who appreciates quality hops. It’s ideal for sharing with others, combining beer, grub, and memorable glassware, making it a memorable St. Patrick’s Day gift that any beer lover would be thrilled to receive.

“The Gentleman” Liquor & Decanter Crate

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to mean a blurry and boisterous night at the local pub. It can also be about elegance, class, and style, and “The Gentleman” Liquor & Decanter Crate is a great example of that. It includes a bottle of premium spirits (which can be upgraded if you choose, from our great selection of the finest brands) along with an incredible seven-piece glass decanter set, a pair of fine cigars and even some gourmet chocolate. Make St. Patrick’s Day a sophisticated affair with this amazing gift crate.

No matter your plans for St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to get into the Irish spirit with an awesome gift crate from BroCrates.