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Easter Feast with Liquor BroCrate

  • Celebrate Easter in delicious style with the Easter Feast with Liquor BroCrate. It’s loaded with an assortment of gourmet snacks from chocolate to cookies to chips to candy, along with a bottle of premium liquor. This gift crate is the perfect way to spoil someone special over Easter. Included in this gift crate are bags of carrot and popcorn chips, waffle pretzels from East Shore Specialty Foods, a wealth of chocolate including Easter chocolate from Cadbury and gourmet chocolate from Neuhaus, Pirouline chocolate hazelnut wafers, blue candy confetti from Monarch, cookies from Cookie It Up, a bottle of fine liquor (which can be upgraded if you like from our extensive collection) and a plush bunny toy. Make his Easter a holiday to remember with this great gift crate from BroCrates.

  • Bottle of Spirits :This gift basket includes a bottle of Spirits. This Bottle may be upgraded to any bottle from our extensive collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great wine gift even better. Your gift recipient will love these Basket!

    East Shore Waffle Pretzels 142g :These extra crispy, Waffle shaped pretzels are a light and versatile snack that go with everything. Mustard lovers will delight in Dipping these Pretzels! Mustard fills in the open squares delivering an abundance of the beloved condiment in every bite.

    Monarch Blue Candy Confetti 280g :Italian confetti are small, almond sweets with a crisp, sugar coating. Known in the US as Jordan almonds, and in France as dragées, these traditional confectionery are a much-loved and essential offering at any Italian wedding, baptism, anniversary, graduation or significant family event.

    Popcorners  White Cheddar :Craving white cheddar? We do our ONE BETTER with only the finest dairy farmers from Wisconsin and Minnesota, where cheese making is both art and culture. Using old world techniques to press the highest quality cheddar, we bring out the best in this All-American flavor.

    Hardbite 18 Carrot Gold Chips :Everyone likes carrots, right? Raw and naked? Diced and boiled? Juiced or in a cake? Try sliced and cooked in small batched. Yep. Light, crunchy delicious…and so much easier to eat on a bus in front of strangers. At last, a new spin on an old veggie. Snack food bling – 18 Carrot Gold.

    Neuhaus Tablet White Chocolate Vanilla :Discover the new Neuhaus chocolate tablet collection: filled with delight, crafted with care by our Maîtres Chocolatiers with UTZ certified sustainable chocolate and premium non-GMO ingredients. This tablet features features white chocolate with vanilla from Madagascar.

    Bamboo Cutting Board :This beautiful Classic cutting board has so many uses. Made from unfinished Bamboo, this light weight board is great from serving your favorite cheeses and Charcuterie. 23 x 15.25 x 1.25 cm, 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches

    Solid Dark Chocolate Bunny with Easter basket :There is no better way to celebrate the season with this Traditional Soild Chocolate Bunny. Handmade from fine Belgian Dark Chocolate, A delicious gift for any chocololic. 130g

    Mountain Thins Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter :Nature's best ingredients blended with rich chocolate for a flavor adventure. Thin bites of milk chocolate with sweet peanut butter morsels. Each resealable bag contains bite-sized thins of milk chocolate with sweet peanut butter morsels. MOUNTAIN THINS are the better for you snacking chocolate.

    Crème de Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut 400g tin :These flavorful chocolate hazelnut rolled wafers, 14 oz, are a wonderful combination of Creme de Pirouline's finest all-natural cocoa with the delicious flavor of hazelnuts wrapped in a toasted Pirouline wafer and sealed with a signature swirl. Always good with coffee and a good book.

    Traditional Sitting Chocolate Bunny :There is no better way to celebrate the season with this Traditional Soild Chocolate Bunny. Handmade from fine Belgian Dark Chocolate, A delicious gift for any chocololic. 230g

    Solid Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs :These Chocolate Mini Eggs in colourful foil wrappers, have a lovely melt in the creamy flavour that will bring a smile to any chocolate lover's face.

    Cookie It Up Hand Made Dark Chocolate Chip :Extraordinary cookies that are thin, crisp and loaded with dark chocolate chips.

    3 Cadbury Crème Egg :It's just not Easter until you've savored the unique milk chocolate shell and soft fondant center of a CADBURY CREME EGG. Treat yourself and everyone you love with a classic Easter treat that will leave everyone hopping for joy.

    Cadbury mini Eggs :Made with our famously rich and creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crispy, colorful, candy shell. Share the joy with family and friends this Easter.

    Brocrates Crates :Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures. Dimensions 16 x 13.5 x 11 inches. 40.5 x 34.5 x 28 cm.

    Princess the Posh bunny :Princess the Posh Pointy eared Bunny with floral scarf. Super soft and ready for cute cuddles and snuggles. Cream colour 9"

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