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Grill Master Gift Crate For Him

  • The Grill Master Gift Crate For Him features everything you need when you want to make that perfectly grilled steak, pork, chicken or fish. Featuring spices, rubs and a cast iron grill theGrill Master Gift Crate For Him is perfect for the dude that loves to cook.

  • Rib Rub - The Squealing Pig Gourmet Rib Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s smokey rib rub. Dry rub ribs are a classic BBQ staple, and anyone can see why after tasting a single bite.

    BBQ Rub - The Squealing Pig Gourmet BBQ Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s smokey BBQ rub.

    Pork Rub - The Squealing Pig Pork Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s Pork rub.

    Hot Sauce - Big Bad Bobby’s Chipotle Hot Sauce: This big bad bold bottle brings the heat. Spiced with chipotle peppers, this smokey tasting hot sauce is a spice lovers dream.

    Barbecue Sauce - The Squealing Pig Sweet BBQ Sauce: For when you want something a little different!

    Cast Iron Griddle- Gourmet Du Village 10" Cast Iron Griddle is perfect for grilling fish, steak, chicken, and more!

    Hot Sauce - BOSS Gourmet Hot Sauce: Packed with bold rich flavour, this gourmet hot sauce from BOSS is sure to leave an impactful impression.

    BroCrate -Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or repurposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

Customer Reviews

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It was great

This gift was for my husband and was much appreciated by him. The items were perfect for a nice little barbeque party and my husband, who loves preparing barbeque food a lot, made the dishes even more wonderful. Talking about the delivery and the service, it was right on time and they packed the crate quite nicely. It was a lovely crate and we made the most of it. Would certainly like to go for it again.

Thanks for the service

The crate was great and really enjoyable. But what I was most impressed with was the service. It was a day after placing the order that I realized that I forgot to add a bottle of wine that I intended to upgrade the crate with. I contacted the customer service and they assured me about updating my order. I even got a mail from them regarding the same. I really appreciate the help and undoubtedly will use this site again and again.

An amazing crate

I had this hamper sent to my best friend for his birthday. He liked the gift as I knew he would and it reached him on time. He called me later to tell me the contents were fabulous and he genuinely sounded impressed and happy with it. Thank you so very much.