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May 18, 2017

How To Buy A Grill On A Budget

Barbeque season is fast approaching and nothing can compare to a summer night grilling dinner with a cold beer in one hand and a tong in another. More than likely your barbeque might be past its prime and it may be time to invest in buying a new one. While looking for a barbeque might seem like a daunting task, here are some helpful tips to help with your barbecue purchase and to take advantage of summer and the amazing grilling weather it presents.

Know Your Needs

Grilling Needs BBQ
Grills are like cars. There are certain models that work for some that may not work for others. If you plan on hosting multiple parties with a giant number of guests, you are going need a bigger grill and one that has some power behind it. Though if you plan on occasionally using it and only for a small number of guests, it will make sense for you to go with something that is smaller and more compact.

When you are looking, you should also think about the extras and add-ons included with some grills. While some features like a side burner are enticing, you should be realistic about if you will actually use or need these features. These extras can make a difference in the final price of your BBQ.

Quality Doesn’t Increase With Price

Some grilling units sell for over $1,000! These units have a similar functionality to those that are less expensive and the only real difference is the final price you are paying. You should set up a budget and limit you are willing to pay for a BBQ, this will help in your BBQ purchasing outing.

Do Some Research

BBQ Research
This is where the internet can help, before heading into a store, you can do a quick search on Google for terms like “great value grill”. This will only take a few minutes but it will help in the long run with making a decision. Be sure to check out some of the reviews from buyers as well, as these will also help with your decision to purchase a BBQ.

Check Out The Grill

BBQ Shopping Tips
Now is the time you head to the store and see what you are buying firsthand. When you are looking at the grills it is best to have a look at them in person and get a sense of durability, and overall look of the grill. This is the time you may wander around from grill to grill and test out opening the grills, playing with the knobs and get a sense of how they feel.

Make Sure the BBQ Manufacturer Has A Good Warranty

This will help you save money on parts that shouldn’t have broken in the first place. You should try and look for brands with a 10-year warranty on their burner. There are some that do have a lifetime warranty and may even cover the cost of labor for the replacement.

Gas or Charcoal?

Gas or Charcoal BBQ
One of the most important factors when it comes to a BBQ is even heat. Gas burners are able to quickly and accurately achieve multiple cooking temperatures across the grill with minimal some minimal cleanup.

When it comes to charcoal, these take more time to set up and clean up, though they do add a smokey flavor to your food. This can be a good reason to choose a charcoal BBQ over a gas unit and put up with the additional time to set up and clean up.

Lastly, when it comes to the costs associated with gas versus charcoal, while gas units are more expensive than a charcoal, you will likely save money in the long run as the cost of the gas is often more affordable than bags of charcoal over a period of time.

Decision Time!

When it comes to the final decision, it should be a grill that fits into your price range and has everything (or almost everything you were looking for). Brand reputation may play a part in your decision, as some brands are more reputable than others. Hopefully, these tips will help in your barbeque purchase. After you have made your final decision, don’t forget to complement your new grill with our BBQ Grill Master BroCrate.