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What Are Whiskey Stones?

July 31, 2018

What are Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey stones are the perfect gift for the bro or bad ass woman in your life that loves their chilled single malt whiskey! A few of our Gift Crates have Whiskey Stones in them including our: Gentleman Extraordinaire BroCrate, The Ultimate Black Label BroCrate and The Ultimate Jack Daniel’s BroCrate.

So, what are Whiskey Stones exactly and can they be used in other drinks?

Well let’s first begin with what Whiskey Stones are made from. They are typically made of non-porous soap stone. These stones can be chilled or refrigerated to help keep your drink cold without diluting the drink itself. They are a simple bar tool to use and perfect for keeping that perfect glass of alcohol cold.

The stones themselves are small cubes, cut naturally from stone (majority of the time soapstone) that are used to help chill and cool whiskey and other spirits.

Whiskey Stones Whiskey Gifts

Whiskey Stones are so-named because they were originally made designed by a bro who loved his single malt whiskey. When it comes to using them in other liquor or drinks, ABSOLUTELY! They are the perfect item for adding to a drink without watering it down (the best benefit of whiskey stones versus ice cubes).

Ice is porous. So, what does this mean for you and your drink? This means that ice can absorb the flavours that are present in your freezer or ice maker. So, unless you have one very clean fridge and ice maker, some of the smells from your fridge will slowly ooze into your whiskey, which is gross. Also, ice melts and therefore dilutes your drink.

Therefore, since whiskey stones are non-porous, they will chill your drink without affecting the flavour. They will also help with leaving your spirit perfectly balanced and chilled for several hours. The best part about soapstone whiskey stones? They won’t scratch your glass!

So go ahead and put some hair on your chest with a glass of whiskey featuring some whiskey stones to help keep your glass cool and balanced.